Asia’s tech news #140: Japan’s 6G moves, Huawei/Sweden 5G lawsuit, crypto in Kazakhstan…

In this edition: China’s StarLink-esque satellite constellation ambitions, Japan and the US partner on 6G standards development, India’s Ola Dash expands e-commerce fulfilment centres, Kazakhstan’s footprint in crypto mining…

Cambodia: National Bank-backed U-Pay mobile payments deploys one-click, passwordless mobile

U-Pay users will now be able to verify their identity with only one click — a streamlined onboarding experience aiming to cut the sign-up drop off rate…

China ramps up plans to launch 13,000 low earth orbit satellites, similar to SpaceX’s

There is also currently limited data processing capacity within China, and for a global network China would also need to deploy ground stations worldwide.

Japan, US partner on int’l standards in unmanned 6G tech, from self-drive cars to automated

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications may call on companies to form a consortium toward this end by September. It will draw from a wide range of industries, including those involved…

Indonesia: Bank Central Asia has allocated $27.8M to its VC arm, Central Capital

So far, it has invested in 26 startups, including insurance platform Qoala, payment company Oy, and peer-to-peer lending firms Akseleran and KlikA2C…

ICYMI: Why TIME Magazine is launching a newsletter focusing on the
It’s hard not to go online these days without seeing someone yelling about the metaverse. Here’s what it is, and how it relates to NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2022 / Applications now open

India: Ola Dash ‘quick commerce’ to grow with 500 new fulfilment centres in 20 cities over 6

The range of products available on Ola Dash includes fresh produce, instant food, snacks & beverages, home care products, fruits & vegetables, cooking essentials among many others.

Video: How Kazakhstan became the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency mining country

Kazakhstan is now the world’s second biggest crypto-currency mining country, thanks partly to a vast mine in the desert. Intro to a 30-minute piece.

South Korea: Netmarble game dev unveils crypto and play-to-earn plans, including in-game

Netmarble is aiming to relist ITAM CUBE, the cryptocurrency of blockchain game developer ITAM Games which Netmarble acquired this month…

China’s Huawei attempts 5G lawsuit against Sweden in Int’l Court of

“…after the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) denied the company access to the development of a 5G network infrastructure in the country, Swedish media reported on Saturday.”

Wicked 6 Cyber Games set for March 23–24, raising funds for 2022 Women’s Global Cyber

Wicked6 goes 100% virtual March 23–24, 2022 and featuring the Global Women’s Cyber League! Attend virtually on Discord. The global women’s…

Deloitte: Technology, Media, and Telecommunications 2022 Predictions (pdf)

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