Asia’s tech news #144: Vietnam’s new startup fund, SPACs and fintechs, automation’s impact…

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In this issue: Vietnam’s new $60M startups VC fund, the impact of automation and AI on the Indo-Pacific workforce, semiconductor manufacture in Singapore, India’s Tata opens up in Australia…

5 reasons why SPACs — special purpose acquisition companies — have so spectacularly failed

‘It takes too long — from three to more than seven months — between the time a SPAC sponsor and its target company structure, price, and announce their merger deal (at traditional $10 per share) and…’

Webinar, March 7th: The Crisis of Automation in the

“Artificial Intelligence will be a major growth driver in the coming decade and will affect 1 in every 5 jobs in Asia — and eliminate 1 in 8.”

Vietnam: ThinkZone Fund II launches with corpus of $60M, looking at Pre-Seed to Series A
ThinkZone Ventures announces ThinkZone Fund II with $60 million in fund size, the largest local venture capital fund in Vietnam thus far, to support the growth of Vietnamese startups.

Hong Kong: StockViva raises $3M Series A with real-time education from finance key opinion

StockViva has raised more than $3 million in a round of Series A funding by renowned investors, including Farquhar VC from Singapore, Kharis Capital from Luxembourg, and Hong Huan Group, Angelhub…

Download: Hong Kong Monetary Authority Fintech 2025 & Digitalisation Strategy (pdf)

‘Our Vision: Towards a more data-driven organisation that continues to embrace new technologies and data science to improve risk assessment and…’

Wild3 Conference from Wild Digital / April 12–13 2022 / Web3, NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse…

Taiwan’s UMC to invest $5BN in new Singapore semiconductor factory with production expected in

The global chip shortage initially forced automakers to cut production but is now also hurting manufacturers of smartphones, laptops, and even household appliances. Chip firms are racing to…

India’s Tata launches Digital Garage innovation and digital collab centre in Sydney,

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) has launched a ‘Digital Garage’ in Sydney, Australia, to bring the company’s global capabilities to the Australian market. The ‘Digital Garage’, an innovation

China: Gov’t further expands crypto crackdown, adds power to jail those raising funds via token
China can now issue sentences if funds are raised via crypto from the public as the country’s Supreme Court has amended Criminal Law.

India: Bhanzu raises $2M with maths-focused edtech via live online
Team Startupcity Bhanzu, an Indian edtech firm, has raised $2 million in a seed fundraising round headed by Lightspeed, according…

Download: Tech Trends 2022, from Deloitte Insights — 120 pages focusing on 7
Deloitte’s 13th annual Tech Trends report explores seven trends that can help organizations unlock innovation and build trust in their digital journey.

Catalyst 2022 for social entrepreneurs using 5G

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