Asia’s tech news, weekly: November 15th snapshot

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In this edition: Japan’s semiconductors moves; Nvidia’s alt-GPU for China; Vanuatu cyber-attack; virtual asset trading in Hong Kong; and more

• Japan: Toyota and 7 other Japanese firms partner in move to make next-gen semiconductors

• China: Nvidia offers alternative GPU chip tailored for Chinese market, maintaining compliance with US export regulations with lower-powered processor

• India: Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel are adding near 3500 5G-capable sites per week cumulatively, with sights on scaling up to 9–10K per week combined inside 4 months

• Taiwan: Gov’t to allocate $1.6BN over 3 years to bring private drone makers into ‘national team’ to develop unmanned aerial vehicle systems in preparation for possibility of cross-strait war scenario

• Cambodia: Finance Ministry to launch distributed ledger platform, CamDL, aiming to help the Kingdom’s fintech sector harness emerging technologies to boost financial industry innovation

• Office of the Vanuatu Gov’t CIO confirms Broadband Network compromised in cyber-attack, impacting email, VOIP services and more

Fintech, Cryptocurrencies, and CBDC: Financial Structural Transformation in China

• Australia: Following spate of cyber-attacks, Cyber Security Minister flags a range of reforms to protect personal data, including making it illegal to pay ransoms demanded by hackers

• Taiwan’s Foxconn to boost southern India workforce to 70K, adding 53K more workers over 2 years in part to address disruptions in China-based production

TikTok ban in the US edges nearer with proposed legislation from Marco Rubio

• Australia: EVX partners UK’s Connected Kerb to instal 1000 kerbside chargers out to 2024, designed for ‘long-dwell’ charging of at least 1–2 hours

• German gov’t blocks sale of semiconductor firm to Chinese-owned firm, tightening protection of its domestic technology and easing supply chain dependence on China

United States, Taiwan, and Semiconductors: A Critical Supply Chain Partnership

• Australia & semiconductors: “…policymakers must treat semiconductors as a vital public good, almost on par with other basic necessities such as food and water supplies and reliable electricity…”

• Philippines: Archipelago Labs startup accelerator launches to invest in and boost promising startups and talents in the Filipino Web3 ecosystem

Amazon’s increasing automation moves: “People have predicted robots will destroy the labour market, but Amazon believes investment in robotics could create jobs…”

• An interview with Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation on why Malaysia needs to speed up technological innovation to drive future economic growth

She Loves Tech global startup competition winners unveiled, drawn from 28 finalists selected from 5000 tech startups

Startup Island TAIWAN Podcast: XREX CEO talks about blockchain, Web3 and the move towards ‘neo fintech’

India’s Cyber Security Policy: Strategic Convergence and Divergence with Quad

• Taiwan to invest near $10M towards chip production in Lithuania, seeking “resilience of our democratic supply chain in the face of coercion by autocracies”

• Singapore’s DBS and global partners including Google and The World Bank for 2nd edition of Sustaintech Xcelerator, a 6-month climate-focused accelerator program

The Guardian on TikTok: “Harvesting data is the norm for social media apps, but the question that many have is where it goes and who has access to it…”

• Philippines: Humble Sustainability secures $750K focusing on excess inventory — returned items from e-commerce, logistics and retail — preventing landfill growth and moving items on to resellers

• Taiwan: An overview of the recently-concluded X-PITCH 2022 event, with 15 finalists selected from more than 4000 startups across 51 countries

Following the Crypto: Blockchain Analysis to Assess North Korean Hackers

• Hong Kong: Hash Blockchain Ltd, member of digital asset financial services group HashKey, gains approval from Securities and Futures Commission to operate a virtual asset trading platform

• South Korea: AG-Uni enters US market with vertical farming system focusing on high value-added crops and plant materials

Taiwan: “…increasingly likely that some future Apple chips will be made in the US, following a new report about A-series and M-series chipmaker TSMC.”

• Cogo wins HSBC pitch contest at Singapore FinTech Festival with carbon footprint tracking, integrating with major banking apps

• Philippines: Murch university student-led e-commerce platform wins Innovation Champion award at ASEAN Young Business Youth Association LEAPS Demo Day

KPMG Pulse of FinTech, H1 2022

In other news…

Wider-world technology news with broad Asia Pacific relevance, or simply providing larger points of reference and food for thought.

» Cyberattack on ALMA observatory in Chile raises concerns about security of space tech, compromising a constellation of 66 radio telescopes worth near $1.4BN

» US Navy instals 3D printer capable of producing metal components onboard amphibious ship, seeing opportunity to rapidly and effectively maintain vessels whilst at sea

» UK’s Nat’l Cyber Security Centre launches program to continually scan every internet-connected device hosted in the United Kingdom for vulnerabilities, aiming to identify serious cyber-threats

» ‘Oops. Twitter is already trying to rehire workers Elon Musk fired days ago, sources say.’

» Mastercard adds 7 blockchain-based startups to Start Path Crypto accelerator, featuring Web3-focused social payments, brand-oriented platforms and more

» ‘First Came the Crypto Crash. Now Comes the Taxman. Cryptocurrency investors may need to act within the next few weeks to reduce their tax bill — and get ahead of an increasingly aggressive IRS

• What happens when everything is decided by algorithm? “The quality of our online lives now hinges on how these feeds are ordered and mediated, powers that are largely automated…”

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Asia’s tech news: Weekly snapshots of the region’s technology headlines
Asia’s tech news headlines, weekly round-up to November 15th
Asia’s tech news headlines, weekly round-up to November 15th



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