Asia’s tech news #083: FoundersHK demo day, Indian agri-tech, Tonga & Bitcoin…

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India: GramCover gains $7M Series A with ag-focused insurance marketplace covering crops, livestock, health…

The startup claims to have sold insurance to over 3.2 Mn Indian farmers through its platform since its inception till FY21, and has customers in 13 states, 50 districts, 450 blocks and 8,000 villages.

Hong Kong: FoundersHK holds first FoundersHK Accelerate demo day, showcasing 11 tech

Today the nonprofit, which started as an events and mentoring network, held the first demo day of FoundersHK Accelerate, its equity-free accelerator program, which was created to help prepare…

Philippines: Axie Infinity blockchain play-to-earn gaming firm to launch a decentralized

The DEX could help keep users playing the game because it will remove certain frictions that exist for players who have to move their tokens off the platform to trade them. The DEX will be built on Ronin, an Ethereum-linked sidechain purpose-built…

India: Multiplex operator PVR partners Nodwin Gaming e-sports firm to stream gaming comps in

The pilot project, announced on Monday, is the first of its kind initiative in India and will begin with Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) — the game that replaced the now banned PUBG Mobile in the…

MP in Kingdom of Tonga, Polynesia, to propose Bitcoin as legal tender to improve remittances for

A Tongan member of parliament hopes the country can copy El Salvador in adopting bitcoin as legal tender and pave the way for other Pacific islands to follow its revolutionary path, as enthusiasm for…

Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2021 Conference: November 9–12

Philippines: Cybersecurity Bureau’s Genalyn Macalinao, Policy Lead creating gov’t cybersec

“One of the four key imperatives of the Philippines National CyberSecurity Plan (NCSP) 2022 is the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CIIs). In most countries like ours, critical infrastructure operators largely reside in the private sector…”

ICYMI: Visa looking at universal blockchain payment channel for global transfers of digital

Visa said it had considered using the channel for transfers of stablecoins, such as USDC, because their value is tied to an existing currency like the dollar and, as such, they can be linked to CBDCs.

“Facebook has access to nearly 3BN users’ data…perhaps the biggest single point of failure on the internet…”

“The internet was originally designed to be a decentralized system so as to be less vulnerable from an attack. Major portions of today’s internet led by trillion-dollar Big Tech monopolists like Facebook can be taken down with a single hack.”

Download: ‘The Platform Economy — Southeast Asia’s Digital Growth Catalyst’ — Tech For Good

The Institute’s inaugural study presents data-based insights and public-private perspectives on how to support the Platform Economy’s growth in SE Asia…

ICYMI: Apple pulled more profits from game sales than Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard…
CEO Tim Cook quietly turned the iPhone company into a superpower in the videogame business. Now he’s fighting rivals in a multiplayer universe.

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